#19 Eby Corydon


Under the leadership of senior pastor’s Charlotte and Steve Gambill, Eby Corydon is the Creative Director at LIFE Church. Eby is known as an influential singer and worship leader at LIFE Worship, however, the story of her early years as a political refugee has been left untold until now.

The daughter of a pastor, Eby, and her family was forced to flee Iran when she was just 7 years of age. After many months in Turkey – where little Eby and her younger brother were unable to attend school – a Christian couple from Denmark came to their aid, paying for their flights and helping to relocate the family to Copenhagen.

Speaking to Deanna Fletcher ahead of Refugee Week, Eby says we should have the courage to ask about a foreigner’s experience. “It can get overwhelming hearing people’s stories. It can almost be like ‘Oh Gosh I shouldn’t ask that’ or ‘I’ve stepped on something too sensitive’” says Eby. “But actually, valuing that person’s trust and honesty, having that response (of) ‘thanks for sharing and for giving me this insight or perspective I didn’t have before’ – It brings so much healing, comfort, and common ground.”

While connecting with new immigrants who are different than ourselves can seem like a daunting task, Eby encourages us to try, especially in our local churches. “Sometimes it’s not about what you can do it’s (about) human understanding for someone’s story. Whether it’s a stranger in the doctor’s office or a new friend at church; that feeling of someone ‘cares about the pain that I’ve been through’. Together we can move on.”