#18 Erwin & Aaron McManus

aaron mcmanus mosaic 2.jpg
If we don’t bring the world to Jesus we’ve accomplished nothing.
— Aaron McManus

In celebration of Father’s Day, Erwin McManus and his son Aaron, have been speaking about their relationship and own struggles with identity. Aaron McManus recounts what led to his decision to sever all ties with the Christian community in his college years, and the later journey to reclaiming his faith. He said, “I was in a season of my life where I had to figure out what steps I was going to take and I decided not to take any steps at all. It had less to do with anyone else and more to do with me.”

How did Aaron’s father, a prominent Christian author, and public speaker, respond to his son’s falling away? “Aaron was always more important to me than the church,” says Erwin. “When Aaron ran hard and fast… I started a film company and a fashion company, and invited him to come and work with me so that we would have a space where we could do things together.”

An invitation by a friend to attend a church led to a God encounter. Aaron says of his ‘coming home’ experience, “It all changed when I realised that the church was my problem. [I decided] I’m going to go in and serve and change the things that I think are really broken. Defend the people who need defending. Love the people who need loving.”

Upon learning of his son’s change in perspective Erwin remarks, “I remember when I got a text from Aaron when he was in New York. He said, ‘If we make films and make bags, but don’t bring the world to Jesus we’ve accomplished nothing. And when I got that text I thought, who stole his phone?!”

Erwin McManus is the senior pastor of Mosaic – a church with multiple locations in the United States and Mexico. He says he “started Mosaic for people like Aaron and [for] people who are trying to create something the world has never seen.”